Is Email Marketing Really Helping My Business?

So, you have been in business for a while and you are doing well. You make use of word of mouth to grow your brand and it has worked very well for you. One day you come across an article talking about email marketing. You wonder what the big deal is about this email marketing hype, is it really all it is cracked up to be?

Email campaign management consists of diverse interlocking activities that range from building an email list through lead generation tactics to designing and coding an email to its timely deployment.

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Yes! It really is all that.  Customers acquired through email marketing tend to spend 138% more than those who don’t.

It has been reported that for every $1 spent on email marketing you get an average of $44 back. Now my financial mathematics is not at the level of MIT but even I know that this gives a 4400% return. That means the return on investment (ROI) on this is incredibly high!

The thing is that a lot of people in the world use email, one might even say that everybody uses Email.  According to published statistics, an estimated 5.6 billion people will have an active e-mail account by the end of 2019.  Another fun fact is that 99% of people with email accounts check their emails daily and email is said to be the preferred method of communication for businesses.


No matter what you sell, most of your qualified leads spend their days glued to their smartphones, where their email apps are just a tap away on their home screen. Sending high-quality content directly to prospects’ inboxes is one of the easiest ways to reach them—you just need to deliver a valuable enough message that they’re excited to open it.

Therein lies the problem, however. Attention. With so many emails flying around, people only open and act on emails from brands they trust. If prospects don’t trust your brand and don’t care about your message, they will—best case scenario—simply delete your email without a second thought. Worst case, you leave a negative brand impression. They’re annoyed by your persistent, irrelevant messages. They trash your brand to friends and maybe even on social media. Not good.

Email can be a high-stakes game if you play it in an obnoxious way. Email is a marketing medium that has plenty to offer but only to those who effectively put themselves in the shoes of their prospects.

Now that I have proven to you that Email Marketing does get results, I would like to tell you more about it as an advertising option for your company.

If you have a strategic marketing campaign you can get as much as 77% return on investment from targeted and triggered email content.  What do I mean by targeted and triggered email content?  I mean not the bulk emails that you send to random people but rather e-mail the that you send to your list of people that are interested in your company.

The emails are triggered only when someone subscribes to your page, website, blog or newsletter.

Most businesses make the mistake of creating their email content to be read on desktop but, do you know that 56% of all the emails are opened on mobile?  So, do yourself a favor and make sure your e-mail is mobile friendly.

Email is the preferred way that customers would like to hear about your products and learn more about what you have to offer. The younger generation use email everyday of their lives, in fact it is the first thing they do each morning, check for messages.

The other secret to getting your e-mail marketing correct is to ensure that your emails are personalized. How on earth are you going to personalize each e-mail?  You have heard of email automation, right?  Yes, of course you have heard of email automation, but you do not have time to find out how to do this or to get all the integration right to do this.  Don’t worry you don’t have to, you need a lead acquisition specialist to do this for you, someone like me. Tell me more

Setting Up an Automated Email Campaign

To execute an automated email campaign that sets up your sales team for success, consider the following best practices:

  1. Sales enablement takes priority

The point of investing in an email campaign is to generate revenue. It is a sales enablement tool. Keep this in mind from the beginning.

When you’re ready to write, start by choosing which part of the buyer journey to target. Are you talking to prospects aware of their problem yet? Are they starting to consider potential solutions to that problem? Are they ready to make a decision?

  1. Hyper-specific audiences respond better

You could blast an email to everyone and their family pet. You could also throw money out the window and get a similar close rate.

Email campaigns depend on smart audience choices to succeed. Fewer, more tailored emails are better than the opposite. Take the time to get to know your target audience members ahead of time. What are their concerns? What are their pain points? What roles do they play in their organizations, and what solutions do they seek?

  1. Automation should handle the heavy lifting

Rather than hire an intern to keep track of which emails get sent when, use your marketing automation solution monitored by your friendly lead acquisition specialist to deliver fresh content at regular (but not intrusive) intervals. Automation is how you scale your business up.

People who are aware of your products or brand don’t need a ton of emails, so limit their communications to trigger-based outreach. When someone clicks a link or opens an email, take that as an invitation to keep the communication moving. As prospect activity picks up, accelerate the pace of communications.

Let the robots do their job. Spend your time developing engaging content that the members of your audience want to consume. If you’re doing it right, they should look forward to your emails and this should do wonders to improve your conversion rates

Do you struggle to generate sales-ready leads? What do you think you could do better? Putting more effort into crafting valuable emails full of content your prospects care about could be the marketing strategy you are missing. You need a good copywriter to ensure you are serving your customers with the right content. As lead acquisition specialists we do offer copywriting as part of our services. If you know that email marketing will give you that extract boost then feel free to contact us.


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