Our aim is to give the little guy a fair chance in a very big pond with a lot of big fish in it.


All businesses have one thing in common, no matter how big or small they are, they need more customers. Big businesses have the luxury of having large budgets to market their wares to the entire globe while the smaller businesses must rely on the good report of their customers and a much smaller marketing budget.

We want to level out the playing field by offering top notch marketing strategies that make use of the social media boom that the world is currently experiencing. Having been trained by one of the most renowned digital marketing coaches in South Africa, our company provides tried and tested social media copy and content guaranteed to generate quality leads on a continual basis.

Granted there are many digital marketers out there but, we boast something that the others can’t…

…We fill in the gap of turning those eyeballs on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn to paying customers by specializing in creating a complete lead generation and customer acquisition lean, mean marketing machine!

Don’t believe me? Give us a try and find out for yourself.



Yvonne Digital Agency was founded by Yvonne K. Steenkamp. Yvonne is a passionate lead generation and customer acquisitions specialist.

She started the agency when she saw how much potential there was in the gap between social media masses which were a potentially endless supply of customers and the businesses in South Africa looking for new and repeat customers. She noticed that too many businesses with very good product or service offerings were closing down simply because no one knew they were there.


Yvonne has always had a passion to help grow the South African and African economy in any way but did not know how until she came across a powerful training program that would change her life. This provided her with the vehicle she needed to help those smaller [not yet mega ;)] businesses acquire quality leads and grow their customer base, in turn employing more personnel, helping to combat the growing unemployment plight in South Africa.

The training approach to digital marketing was a practical apprentice program where all the students got hands on experience creating social media campaigns, automating the marketing process and encouraging lead follow up with automated email campaigns for real companies. This guarantees that all leads in the process, even those that did not buy immediately became part of a strategic marketing email list that could be followed up on till at some point they become customers. This strategy creates lead generation and customer acquisition specialists that focus on getting those sales continually.

Yvonne Digital Agency is a product of this mentorship program process which guarantees a minimum of 25 actionable leads in the space of a month.



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